"I started chiropractic care because I had a lot of all-over body pain and the medical field was just putting a lot of drugs in me causing more harm to my body. It keeps me active and able to enjoy traveling, walking and being out in the world again. I’m retired but I’m now able to do crafts and paint again."

- Linda G .  

"I have not taken any medication, literally in two years."

- Harvey P.

"I’d spent three years on painkillers, and they weren’t doing me any good. I had finally gotten to the point where I couldn’t raise my right arm above my waist. After two months I had full range of motion in my arm…I’m engaging in sports, I can ski, and I am more pleasant to be around."

- Jo M.

"I’ve noticed improvements not only with sciatic problems, but also with my posture, my allergies, and my hay fever which I didn’t realize I was even missing until I discovered I hadn’t purchased any pills for a year. My overall life has improved."

- Joseph P.

"I have more energy and less pain. I find it easier to concentrate, to run and participate in sports."

- Christine M.

"I feel rejuvenated for the first time in months."

- Charlton W.

"I have gotten off crutches and am able to walk on my own. I had been on crutches because of leg pain every time I put my left foot on the ground. Now I’m able to work, walk around, shop, etc.; before it was an effort to walk to the refrigerator."

- Jeanette Z.

"I have noticed improved flexibility in my lower back. I’ve been able to hit a golf ball farther than ever!"

- Rob S.

"I have much less arthritic pain, virtually no headaches, more energy and better health."

- Fareen S.

"My body feels strong and alive now. I have a greater sense of well-being and confidence, and restful sleep."

- Margaret L.

"I am able to lift and take care of children again!"

- Angela B.

"I feel more relaxed. I have had more energy and I am now able to lift my grandchildren without pain."

- Pat R.

"I have had a reduction of pain, improved posture, improved breathing and increased mobility. I feel better than I have in years."

- Meredith L.

"Being able to wrap my arm around my wife’s shoulders is just one of the many joys I can have again because of chiropractic."

- Steve A.

"I stand on my feet 9 to 12 hours a day. I do a lot of lifting and moving heavy things. That creates a lot of pressure on my back and I’m also overweight, but since I started coming here, I’ve lost 38 pounds! Because of the relief of my pain, I can get up and move around more, and for a longer period of time. I’m more active."

- Kathy R.

"I had instant relief from pain and increased mobility. My improvements have been constant and I feel more relaxed, flexible, and much healthier."

- Jim B.

"I am now able to work out and participate in sports again." - Charles T.   "The stress level in my daily life has greatly decreased…I feel more calm."

- Karen S.

"My dentist suggested that I seek chiropractic care. After I received care, my health improved so much…not just with the headaches and my jaw, but everything in my life. I had been ill a lot in my life, but since I have been under chiropractic care, I’ve only been sick maybe 2 or 3 times [in 8 years]. It’s improved my outlook on life, my stress level has gone down, and it’s helped just about everything."

- Liz S.

"Instead of coming here after I’ve been hurt, it prevents me from having a problem in the first place. I feel it really helps everything. It helps me sleep better, stay healthy and keeps stress away. It helps my immune system, so I don’t get colds or the flu."

- Jennifer M.

"Not only has chiropractic care increased the mobility of my spine and neck, it’s also improved healing and immunity from infections and colds. I feel more healthy, flexible and active."

- Stephen K.

"After the pain was taken care of, it’s really helped prevent illnesses. It’s helping me be more relaxed."

- Jennifer M.

"My injury was gone quickly and I continued care. I have not seen a case of the flu or other ailment I used to experience regularly. Asthma I had for 10 years is completely gone."

- Katrine F.

"Since getting adjusted, Judy doesn’t seem to get as sick as other children."

- Julie K. (on behalf of her 3-year old daughter)

"I’m much nicer to be around. I’m sleeping better and can pick up my two-year old!"

- Susan M.

"I tend to have insomnia, but when I get regular adjustments, I sleep. That’s a really helpful, non-invasive way to treat it."

- Edna E.

"For the first time in my daughter’s life, she sleeps through the night. She is much more active. Rather than just sit and watch television, she swims, runs and plays with other kids. She feels that she has a whole new body. Before chiropractic care, she couldn’t go into a house with a dog; now, she can pet and play with them. When she would get a cold, it used to mean a trip to the hospital…while under chiropractic care, she got over a cold in two days on her own!"

- Sabrina A. (on behalf of her 6-year old daughter)

"Since beginning chiropractic care, I sleep better, get fewer headaches and have a boosted immune system—fewer colds. I feel more relaxed and energetic, and a lot less stressed. Even as a college student, I am able to afford regular treatment. I consider it money well spent, especially as it can help prevent more expensive future health problems."

- Jeffrey M.  

"I have been able to sleep better. I have a lot more flexibility and mobility and I enjoy life more. I am able to do things I want to do and have fun doing them, where before it was a real trial and pain to do those sorts of things."

"My range of motion has increased and I sleep better. My overall health has even improved."

- Alan B.  

"My asthma is very much under control—I rarely need to use my inhaler! My back pain has seen a 90% improvement and I feel more alive."

- Daniel S.

"My wife had a chronic problem and was able to avoid surgery with chiropractic care."

- Jennifer M.

"I have had many injuries in the past and chiropractic has kept me from the surgeon’s knife!"

- John B.  

"About five years ago I started having really bad leg pain, and I went to every doctor and nobody knew what it was. As a last resort, I came to the chiropractor and ever since then, I’ve had virtually no leg pain."

- Sandy P.

"After an auto accident that totaled my car, I had neck, middle back and lower back problems. I could not sleep, sit or stand very long because my neck and back hurt so bad. After treatments I now have no problems sleeping, standing or moving and I’ve noticed a great improvement!"

- Rebecca R.

"I started coming because of a herniated disc in my low back. I now feel great and my improvement is phenomenal! My allergies and symptoms have totally disappeared!"

- Susan T.  

"I’m no longer having migraine headaches, I have unlimited neck movement with no more grinding, and I feel 100% better."

- James T.  

"I was suffering from such severe back pain that I was passing out. My first adjustment was life-saving and my improvements have been tremendous."

- Robin F.  

"I heard about First Choice Chiropractic from my medical doctor. I could feel a difference immediately, and my lower back pain has completely gone away…pain that I’ve had for four years!"

- Marleta E.  

"My medical doctor said there was nothing wrong with me, even though I was experiencing headaches, neck pain, and fatigue. When I came to First Choice Chiropractic, the chiropractor educated me about the cause of my symptoms and I felt better knowing that I wasn’t imagining the pain. Now my headaches have stopped, my neck pain has improved, and I have more energy. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

- Caroline H.  

"My sinuses bother me a lot less, since maintaining a regular schedule."

- Leandra M.  

"I’ve noticed that now my carpal tunnel seems better, I’m walking a little taller, my hip pain has improved, and I’m taking better care of myself."

- Patty M.  

"I started to care when I was pregnant with my second child. I believe that the regular adjustments helped my labor and delivery go much smoother than with my first child."

- Diana P.  

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