75 Reasons to Choose First Choice Chiropractic

With all the choices you have in health care, why should you choose First Choice Chiropractic?

There are at least 75 reasons:

1. Experience
Dr. Tom Klapp has been in practice in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area Since 1980. Our associate doctors have extensive practice experience as well. When choosing a chiropractor, experience counts.

2. Choice of Doctors
Unlike many single-doctor practices, you have three doctors to choose from at First Choice Chiropractic of Ann Arbor. Patients/clients are different, and doctors are different. We encourage our patients/clients to experience all of our doctors to see which one suits them best. You can choose from Dr. Tom Klapp, Dr. Bradley Marx, or Dr. Travis Grace.

3. Thoroughness
The first thing a new patient will notice in our office is how thorough we are in terms of getting the information we need to determine if we can help them or not.

4. No guessing
Another thing that’s a little different about us is that we have a very objective, systematic way of determining exactly how much chiropractic care you need and how long you need it. There is very little guess work about how bad your problem is and how much chiropractic care you’ll need to fix it.

5. Convenient hours
We are open 5 days a week. We open from 9 am until 1 pm, and 3 pm until 7 pm Monday through Friday.

6. Free telephone consultation with a doctor of chiropractic
If you have some questions that you would like answered before you commit to making an appointment, no problem! Simply call (734) 434-1100 and ask to speak with one of our doctors. Make sure to mention that you’re a prospective patient when you call. If our doctors are busy when you call, they will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.

7. You choose when to end your care
One of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic is that you “have to keep coming back.” You may receive as much or as little chiropractic care as you wish. You’re the boss.

8. Convenient location
Our Ann Arbor office is conveniently located at 4748 Washtenaw Ave., just 1 mile east of Arborland. We are also accessible from Packard Rd. via Foster or Deake avenues.

9. New patients are seen the same day they call

10. Affordable fees and family plans

11. Little or no waiting at any time

12. We file insurance claims for you in most cases

13. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover

Benefits of Chiropractic

14. Restores normal function

15. Optimizes health

16. Extends your life

17. Improves immunity

18. Slows the aging process

19. Makes you feel GREAT!

20. Corrects the cause rather than treats symptoms

21. Slows, stops and reverses spinal degeneration

22. Restores normal nerve supply

23. Improves overall health

24. More energy

25. Natural

26. Painless

27. Completely safe

28. Improves athletic performance

29. Allows better sleep

30. Relieves stress

31. Relieves tension

32. Restores normal spinal mobility

33. Improves posture

34. Counteracts the effects of gravity

35. More efficient body function

36. Improves spinal structure

37. Makes spinal discs healthier

38. Quicker recovery

39. Back to work faster

40. Usually prevents spinal surgery

41. Often instant relief from pain

42 No drugs

43. No needles

44. No surgery

45. Relieves many symptoms

46. Prevents many health problems

47. Affordable health care

48. Adds years to life

49. Adds life to years

Chiropractic has been known to help people with these conditions:

50. Low back pain

51. Neck pain

52. Headaches

53. Head pain

54. Sinus pain

55. Allergies

56. Hearing problems

57. Shoulder pain

58. Asthma and other breathing problems

59. Stomach problems

60. Heartburn

61. Other digestive problems

62. Sciatica (leg pain)

63. Certain types of infertility

64. Kidney and bladder problems

65. Sports injuries

66. Injuries from automobile accidents

67. Postural abnormalities

68. Constipation

69. Diarrhea

70. Erectile dysfunction

71. Menstrual cramps

72. Painful menstruation

73. Carpal tunnel syndrome

A few more reasons to call First Choice Chiropractic in Ann Arbor

74. Ample parking

75. Friendly, helpful staff

Call the Ann Arbor chiropractors who care today!

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